Monday, May 08, 2006

Republican Achilles heel?

The Democrats think they have it! They are confident they can reclaim the Senate and the Congress! What, pray tell, is it that makes them so confident? Well it’s a number of things, but a big issue besides immigration, the war on terror, Iraq, the economy, international prestige (or lack there of), oil prices, NSA wiretaps, response to hurricane Katrina, the environment, conservative backlash, social security, health care, budget deficits, and over spending is stem cell research!!!

Yes, that’s right; the democrats believe that they can use stem cell research as a rallying call. Of all the things the Democrats could be harping on about, stem cell research doesn’t seem like the one that would top the list, but it definitely is up there. After a recent congressional bill limiting the embryonic cells which can be used for research, the Democrats feel that they (much like transnational social movements are either spawned or gather support from protests) can use this issue to split voters and win the moral high ground.

Whether the take over occurs, or whether the Senate passes the bill, or even whether the American people really care one way or the other about this issue has yet to be seen. What is the case is that the Democrats, though slightly misguided, are definitely aware of the need to find succinct messages and issues and roll with them. The problem with this strategy and stem cell research is that people don’t particularly find it that pressing. A common feeling amongst most Americans is that if they are not immediately affected by something then they most probably won’t care. The Democrats have the right idea but their eye is on the wrong issue.

For all the science fans out there wanting to know the latest on stem cell research!

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