Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Humanizing the Problem – The Power of Images

The issue of global warming is one that is a highly controversial issue that some argue is not founded on any truths. However, many others loath this mentality and view it as detrimental to fighting “the greatest environmental threat this planet faces.” One such organization which has launched a campaign to raise awareness on the issue is

The area of focus I’d like to bring your attention to is the ads page. Much like An Inconvenient Truth this organization realizes the importance and potential of video and images. It’s one thing to simply discuss what is happening to the planet, but by adding images to this story impacts the audience in a much greater way. To fight global warming the first battle must we won against negligence.

What needs to be stressed (and An Inconvenient Truth and FGW understand this) is that for something to be done, the argument must be framed in a way that makes people care. Right now, people don’t see global warming as an immediate threat. As a result, the argument must be framed in a way that not only informs people of the immediacy of this problem but also makes people aware that if we don’t do anything now then future generations will have to deal with a problem far worse than what we are dealing with now - and quite possibly one that is irreversible.


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