Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An Unlikely Spokesman

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appears to be seeking reelection despite continuous sagging in approval ratings. Why is he doing it? How is he doing it? Well it appears as if he’s attempting to take on more progressive issues in an effort to re-court the Californian voters.

In recent interviews Gov. Schwarzenegger has made it quite clear that he thinks global warming is a threat and manmade. While global warming is not an issue the White House appears to pay much attention to, it’s clear that the governor views this as something that can possibly reelect him. Riding the coattails of this recent surge in global warming interest, Gov. Schwarzenegger might actually find himself in the spot light (and perhaps even a spokesperson) for this issue.

Countless amounts of advocacy groups exist that try to inform people about the dangers of global warming and get people on their side. As of now, the vast majority of supporters are liberal. But if they were able to get a Republican governor to begin preaching for their cause it is quite possible that support and interest would grow. In order issues like global warming to be addressed they can’t be viewed as partisan issues but rather general health and safety issues.


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